Touch Yarns

Solid Colour Possum Merino

This wonderful yarn is made of 60% NZ Merino Wool, 30% Possum Fur and 10% Silk fibres.

Only the wool of selected New Zealand Merino sheep - famous for the superior quality of their wool - is used.

Furthermore, as only the very best of possum fur is used, which cannot be processed by means of machinery, the manufacturing of these yarns is a very time consuming task.

The Silk provides the necessary stability to the yarn.

Possum yarns do not prickle on the skin. Possum wool yarn has an anti-static effect. Allergy sufferers and children will benefit most of this cosy and soft touching yarn.

It won't mat and pilling is no problem if you follow the care instructions thoroughly.

28 stitches and 36 rows 10x10 cm
Needle size: 3.0 - 3.25 mm (EU); 420m per 100 grams


Price UK and EC
£19.20 (incl. VAT) per 100 grams

Price Non EC
£16.00 per 100 grams

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Shipping & Handling

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£4.90 £6.90 £5.75 £9.65




Touch Yarns - Hand Dyed Qualities
100% New Zealand made

A blend of the finest New Zealand Merino wool (60%) together with Possum Fur (30%) and Silk (10%).

The reproduction of colours is affected by your monitor. Shades are illustrative only.

Available shades

Nature (2006)
possum wool naturfarben, 2006
Black (2007)
possum wool Schwarz, 2007
Charcoal (2008)
possum wool Charcoal, 2008
Cranberry (2009)
possum wool Cranberry, 2009
Electric Blue (2011)
possum wool Electric Blue, 2011
Olive (2014)
possum wool Olive, 2014
Navy (2015)
possum wool Navy, 2015
possum wool Olive, 2016

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