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This wonderful yarn is made of 60% NZ Merino Wool, 30% Possum Fur and 10% Silk fibres.

As the introduction of Possum Wool was such a great success over the past two years for our company, we have now decided to add a new company as suppliers to our range of products.
For more than 20 years Touch Yarns are available on the market and have experimented with a wide range of blends of fibres varying from Kid Mohair to Alpaca and most important for us: Possum fur, all blended with the finest Merino available on the market.

The company is situated in the beautiful mountains and fields of Central Otago on the South Island and is as they proudly say about themselves: "inspired by the stark beauty of thyme fields, mountains and the historic goldfields."

Touch Yarns only use the very finest quality of Merino wool, Kid Mohair, Alpaca and Possum Fur.

The excellent quality of Merino wool is not only a result of a careful selection of the sheep used for the production of wool, but also a result of the dramatically changing seasons from lovely sunny weather in spring and summer to a bitterly cold autumn and winter with snow storms and heavy winds.

Touch Yarns is the result of the inspiration of Marnie Kelly.
Coming from a farming background and breeding a specialised flock of merino sheep and mohair goats, she is an experienced spinner and weaver, breathlessly making garments for her family.

We have decided to make her amazing range of hand-dyed possum yarns more available on the European market and have started with a carefully selected range of shades. Although Touch Yarns is a company, selling very successfully their products all over the world, Marnie still is the responsible person in the mill and always has an eye on the dyeing of the yarns in the dye house. All hand-dyed yarns are exclusively produced upon request and therefore it may take some weeks until the finished yarns will be available for sale. But we will aim to offer a selection of such hand-dyed yarns with immediate availability. We will be happy to order further shades upon the request of our customers.

We have designed a bolero, made from one shade of these lovely hand-dyed yarns, and we only needed the incredibly small amount of less than 260 grams of this incredibly soft and warm, cosy yarn! The pattern can be downloaded free of cost from our website.

We hope to having watered your mouth and we are convinced that you will adore these yarns as much as we do. Once you have experienced the soft touch of the yarn, the cosy feeling on the skin, and the temperature regulating effect of possum wool you will never want to experience anything else. Promised!

The wool of Touch Yarns contains 60% finest merino wool, 30% possum fur and 10% silk and runs 420m per 100g skein. Usually, 4 skeins are enough to make a garment in European sizes 40 - 42, equivalent to a size 12 - 14.

The recommended needle size is 3.75mm, although we have chosen 4mm for our bolero.

Touch Yarns - Hand Dyed Qualities
100% New Zealand made


Hand dyed yarns are unique. No skein is exactly like another. Carefully selected colour combinations and finest materials guarantee that your piece of needlework will become a real 'eye-catcher'.

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New Zealand Merino Wool - spun with Possum Fur and stabilizing Silk.

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