Free Knitting Patterns
for our Customers

We are addicted to knitting, that's why we want to share our self designed patterns with you. We are looking forward to get your realised projects!

Irish Gansey
This jumper is inspired by the tradition of Irish Ganseys, the traditional jumper or sweater of Irish fishermen.

Lace Scarf This is a lace scarf in Deep Claret with a pattern manageable even for the intermediate beginner.

The name bolero origins from Spain, where it stands for the short tailored jacket of a Spanish torero.

Cardigan with Crossed Over Edges
We have found the idea of crossed over edges some years ago in a German magazine and are confident that you will find it as practical as we did.

Inspired by the original patterns from the Irish Ganseys this hat is knitted in rounds on circular needles.

Irish Men's Jumper Dublin
For this pattern we were inspired by a combination of cabled patterns and patterns simply created with a combination of purl and plain stitches.

Men's hat in Black and Natural
A traditional styled hat for the winter season.

Men's Jumper in Cable Pattern
A traditional combination of cable patterns characterizes this elegant men's jumper.

Girl's Hat in Natural
This hat, also suitable for intermediate beginners, is a fast and easy hat for girls.

Pelerine - Shoulder Warmer - Short Cape
Until only very recently, this sort of pelerines has been long forgotten. However, in all major and important leading fashion shows in Milan or Paris pelerines of all sorts and variations are a must-have.

Knitted Soft Toy Bunny
A little darling rabbit made with Possum Merino wool.

Please note, these patterns are designed especially for the use with Supreme-Possum-Merino resp. Touch Yarn where indicated, other qualities will need an adaption. All our designs are copyrighted work and available under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 Licence.


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